PACE is a social enterprise; a for-profit business with a social and environmental mandate. We provide employment for people with barriers through a variety of recycling-focused projects. PACE partners with like-minded businesses and social organization throughout the South Okanagan.


Electronics recycling is at the core of PACE. We run multiple recycling projects from our E-Waste Centre, located in Downtown Penticton. PACE gratefully accepts donations of used electronics, such as laptops, computers, and accessories many of which we refurbish and re-purpose to sell at a low cost. 


Our workers are employed on various projects, such as e-waste collection, sorting and recycling, litter pick up, mattress recycling, and construction waste sorting. Partnering with local businesses to creating supportive emploment opportunities with an environmental purpose is our focus!

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PACE gratefully accepts donations of old/used electronic equipment, to either be recycled or refurbished. We are also always looking for local businesses and social organizations to partner with, and new projects to employ our workers through

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Donate today to our Workers Closet

Do you have an old pair of steel-toed boots kicking around that still have some life left in them? Please consider donating them to our Workers Closet! Most of the projects that employ our workers require steel toed boots, and we want to ensure our workers have access to whatever they need to start working immediately. Donations of safety vests, work gloves, work socks, safety glasses and hardhats are also most appreciated                          

Thank you to our supporters, who believe in what PACE is doing. It takes a village to create positive social and environmental change, and these organizations, contributors and businesses are a big part of our village!

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105 Martin St 

Penticton BC

Entrance on Estabrook Ave

Office: 250 276 4163


Mon - Thurs 10 to 3

Fri 10 - 2

Closed weekends and holidays

PACE E-Waste Centre

105 Martin St, Penticton

Entrance via Estabrook Ave

Office: 250 276 4163


Mon - Thurs 10 to 3

Fridays 10 to 2

Closed weekends and holidays

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