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Community Meeting

Want to get involved in this fantastic initiative? Join us at our first community meeting to help get the Penticton Tool Library started!

Thursday June 2 at 7PM  95-246 Martin St

rsvp to staceyrPACE@gmail.com

Penticton Tool Library

What is a tool library?

A tool library is a collection of tools and equipment loaned out to members for a specified amount of time, for no or low cost. Depending on the needs of the community, these libraries may not be limited to tools such as hammers and saws; garden tools, kitchen tools and small appliances, how-to and repair manuals, sewing equipment and toys are often part of a tool library's inventory.

Benefits of community tool libraries:

  • low to no-cost access to tools and equipment for everyone

  • reduction in tools purchased and eventually entering the waste stream

  • makes it easier for home owners with limited money and space to maintain their homes, gardens and yards, which helps to provide housing and food security

  • encourages a culture of sharing; of skills, opportunities and initiatives

How does it work?

Tool libraries charge membership fees that entitles members access to the inventory. Membership can be for individuals, household or organizations. To ensure low to no-barrier access, fees are often charged on a sliding scale, and opportunities to sponsor or gift memberships are also available. Other membership benefits can include entry to special events, and  free or discounted entry to workshops