About PACE

PACE is a social enterprise; a self-funded, for-profit business with a social and environmental focus. Our purpose is create meaningful employment opportunities for people with barriers, while helping to keep recyclable material out of our landfills

Social Focus

PACE enables people with barriers  to enter or re-enter the workforce.

We offer our workers schedule flexibility, understanding and support for their individual needs, and opportunities for meaningful employment.

Our workers take pride and ownership of their jobs, which builds their self esteem and sense of worth.

We believe that everyone who wants to work deserves that opportunity, and PACE is constantly building our network of like-minded employers to create more opportunities for our workers

Environmental Focus

Electronics recycling is at the core of PACE.

We want to do our part as global citizens to reduce/reuse/recycle to ensure our landfills are not being clogged up with recyclable material.

Our environmental projects include picking up, sorting and packing e-waste and small appliances for shipping to another facility to be recycled; disassembling old mattresses and box springs for recycling; sorting construction/demolition waste.

Employment through recycling projects

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