5 ideas to up-cycle a computer tower


creatively reusing some or all parts of an object or material to create a new object. The new object can be similar in function or appearance to the original object, or completely different.

Benefits of up-cycling:

Helps minimize the volume of discarded material being sent to the landfill

Reduces the need for production of new or raw material, which equals a reduction in air/soil/water pollution

Conserves resources and energy otherwise used for production and manufacturing of new materials

You can create unique, one-of-a-kind items for zero to minimal cost, and have fun doing it!

There are all kinds of up-cycling DIY projects using everything from pallets, wine bottles, plastic bags and tin cans, to literally any old junk, material or objects you might have lying around the house. But what about old electronics?, Yep, those can be up-cycled too...and we've got some cool ideas for up-cycling an old computer tower you might want to try!

Make your mail person's route a little more interesting with a computer tower mailbox

Top with a piece of glass and you have yourself a tech-style side table

For the person who is both handy and a technophile

A clever way to start your veggie plants from seed next spring

Store dvds, books or your Star Wars collectibles in a computer tower shelf that can sit on the floor or be mounted to a wall

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