7 Reasons You Should Recycle Your Electronics

In 2016 44.7 million metric tonnes of electronics waste was produced globally; Canada generated 725000 tonnes . Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream and shows no signs of slowing down.

Due to our society's collective love of the latest and greatest technology, Canadians tend to replace their electronics frequently; we replace our cell phones alone every 2 years on average. 80% of Canadians have unused electronics at home, collecting dust and taking up space.

The next time your laptop goes to the great electronic beyond, or you buy a new cell phone with a better camera to up your selfie game, please consider recycling your electronics for the following reasons:

1) Keeps those devices out of landfills. Our landfills have limited space to begin with and only 20% of electronics are being recycled. Please click the link for a list of all electronics that can be recycled

2) Prevents improperly disposed of e-waste from polluting the soil, air and waterways. Developing countries will dump, burn and improperly dispose of e-waste, which allows toxic materials to leech into the environment, creating health hazards to nearby populations

3) Reduces demand for raw materials used to manufacture electronics. It is 13 time cheaper to mine e-waste than to take new minerals from the environment

4) Reduces greenhouse gas emissions created when mining heavy metals and manufacturing

5) Personal data is securely destroyed. PACE will either completely wipe your hard drive with a special program, or we can remove your hard drive and either give it to you or destroy it for you. At one of BC's provincial end-of-life recycling facility, large magnets are used to destroy any personal information on a hard drive

6) There are 2 types of e-waste: end-of-life and reusable. PACE refurbishes usable electronics with some life left in them, and donates some to people in need, and sells the rest at a very low cost, which is a benefit to anyone on a budget; our. Any end-of-life electronics are shipped to a facility where they are taken apart and recycled properly

7) PACE's mandate is to create employment for people with barriers through recycling projects. By recycling your electronics, you are helping us keep our workers maintain meaningful employment

Recycling your electronics is easy to do. Simply bring them to PACE and we will do the rest!

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