Donate Old Computers & Accessories

Do you or your business have computer equipment that you no longer use?

Bring in your old computers and computer accessories for donation.


  • Access for people on a budget access to computers, laptops and monitors
  • Clear space in your home or office
  • Create jobs for our staff – people living with barriers to employment
  • Save the planet by reducing the production of new computers

PACE rebuilds them to sell at low costs, all thanks to donations of older computer equipment. Your donations help make access to technology more equitable and cost-effective. And, if we can’t refurbish it, we’ll recycle it.

Wipe off your old devices

It’s important to protect and secure your data.  Before dropping off your old computer equipment at PACE, here are some tips on how to wipe data from your own device from the Electronic Products Recycling Association.

Can’t wipe your own device – not to worry – we can help!

We do our best to ensure the privacy of your data. Any data drive that comes into PACE will be erased by an industry standard wiping utility prior to reuse. Some situations require further precaution, whether it be for your peace of mind or highly sensitive data. In such cases the best course of action is to destroy the hard drive. Our techs are happy to answer your question regarding the security of your data.

We make a meaningful difference:

Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters, who help create positive social and environmental change! You are a big part of our village!




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